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With Blood With Ink

Third Eye Theatre Ensemble

"Third Eye remains an important force in Chicago’s storefront opera scene, not merely for its championing of contemporary opera, but also for the sense of collaborative authenticity of its onstage, stylistic deportment, for surely only a true acting ensemble can assure the audience that their characters live in the same play, at the same time, and at the same place. An open-hearted, intensive rehearsal process brings about this sort of natural, organic acting and staging, and the proprietor of this magic is director Rose Freeman, who has helmed all three of the operas that have propelled Third Eye on their dramatic trajectory into Chicago’s artistic life." - Chicago Theatre Review

"Thanks to the historical scaffolding and the talents of the writer, director and actors, the Padre’s motivations are layered; wanting to control Juana for God, for pride, for ambition and envy." - Chicagoland Musical Theatre

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