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I am a holistic performance arts educator with a focus on performance in music theatre and strong dedication

to collaborative skill development.


I aim to incorporate multiple aspects of performance technique in a scaffolded approach through an encouraging and enthusiastic dynamic that incorporates the student’s
discovery of their voice, critical analysis of concepts, and purposeful collaboration with peers.


Both clear and inspiring, I utilize an organized and fully explained methodology to students that allow them to develop into independent and flexible artists with their own ideologies and artistic goals.


My teaching approach

Email me about aria and monologue coaching!

Available Workshops

My workshops teaching methodologies are flexible and personally honed to fit the individual needs of your students, budget, and time constraints. 

Body Celebration

Celebrate and utilize your body as a tool for art making. Examining shape, topography, and gesture, we celebrate what inhabiting movement can mean for our instruments outside our voice with a mixture of acting pedagogies. 




5-50 students


Libretto Analysis

Develop character and understand story through text and music. Form flexible and actionable choices for your characters and embody the text by taking the choices and moving them beyond the page. Can be conducted virtually and live.




2-15 students

Audience and Performance

We collectively explore our relationship with performing for an audience utilizing clown, commedia, and storytelling. This workshop hones timing, vulnerability, and character arc to create strong and flexible performers. 



2 hours-1week



6-20 students  

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